Security Systems

Drive Thru
Audio & Video
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Surveillance System

Whether you are looking for an easy way to surveil your home, or for state-of-the-art surveillance system to grasp all activities using Artificial Intelligence or thermal images. We will help you to go for the right choice. Flexible end-to-end solution of outdoor and indoor camera installation that enable maximal security for you and your beloved

Burglary Alarm

Security system that will keep you safe and secure. You will give yourself the perfect, custom security system to suit your safety needs.

Fire Alarm

Your Life Matters! Fire alarms are effective and proven life saving devices. Early notification saves lives! We ensure that detection and notification is prompt and robust

Access Control –

Interested to allow only specific personnel inside specific areas? Restrict access by setting varying levels of security depending on needs and clearances of staff. Moreover, you can track and keep evidence who has entered restricted areas; you can see analytics on employees' movements and receive alerts on suspicious activity.

Time & Attendance Systems

Attendance management systems helps you manage your workforce.
We have the expertise and solution to help you keep evidence of your employees work hours, manage- shifts, leaves and holidays.

Anti Shoplifting System [EAS]

Theft in your store can be extremely damaging your revenue.
We have the right products and knowledge to help you find the right strategies to address this problem. By combining technology with a smart anti-theft system, together with you we will make your store theft resistant, and reduce losses.
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) – How it works - video

Video Intercom Systems

Conveniently increase safety at your front door or gate!
Let us help you find the best video intercom system for you, so you will be able to see and hear who is at the front door. Moreover, if you like, you do not need to be home to see who is at your door!
We work with you to choose the best among different technologies depending on your application
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